Queers In Business

I was laid off from my job in the early part of this year. It would be the fourth lay off in seven years and I was done. I didn’t want to go back to working the corporate life.

“Best business” practice is intended to anesthetize the human condition so as not to offend, or make mucky a cog in the machine that might slow down production of work.

The idea of corporate culture is marketed within an organization to provide a humanity, with hopes of satiating the human element of an employee enough to ensure “buy in” and a return on the investment of hiring them. Even then, most organizations will have very carefully crafted its presentation and levers of engagement to not allow for our emotive, human conditions to run amok the grand scheme of innovation.

Those who know me, know me to be a rather eclectic and passionate human being. So of course slicing away my gender identity, sexual orientation, and need to advocate for the slow moving creature of social justice - was a necessity.

I’m a great manager, a spectacular trainer, and a very strong administrator – but the delineation of these qualities from the loud, passionate, very queer person that I am, was a non negotiable requirement if professional growth and advancement were ever to be forthcoming.

I know how lucky I am to have fallen into my current profession as business development consultant. I am able to leverage my business acumen, outgoing personality, and down right sultry phone voice to make ends meet while not having to dress or act the part of someone that I am not.

But for my queer siblings, I know how difficult it is to “go to work”, and in many cases even obtain work. Though I do not rage within the machine anymore, I will still rage, and I will still advocate. I see you, and I know that you are skilled. I know that you are able and that you are qualified. I champion you, my friends - and know that as I travel the outskirts of big business in my one man queer caravan, I will still turn to you for collaboration and insight.

I believe in you.



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